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Hey, I have a very nice song. The title is Let’s Just Falling In Love Again by Jason Castro. It released on January 2011. Check this out!

And… here is the lyric:

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Now, I would like to share some of the world divas and divos which are phenomenal and irreplaceable. Hehe.. Let’s get started!

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Kenny G , Music with Heart & Soul

Do you know about Kenny G? Kenneth Bruce Gorelick (born June 5, 1956), better known by his stage name Kenny G, is a Grammy winning American, adult contemporary and smooth jazz saxophonist. Kenny G is the biggest-selling instrumental musician of the modern era, with global sales totaling more than 75 million albums.

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buat yang suka sama yang namanya aransemen musik, atau yang dulu sering make guitar pro, entah versi 3,4,5.. ini ada versi terbaru  GUITAR PRO 6.0 + RSE 2.
Buat yang dulu mungkin pernah pake guitar pro plus RSE nya, RSE 2 ini menggunakan teknologi yang berbeda dengan RSE sebelumnya, karena dengan RSE 2 ini, kita bisa mengatur level distorsi, atau gear apa saja yang digunakan..
cocok buat yang suka main gitar, karena ini emang aplikasi buat music sheet, ada tablalure sama note sheetnya !
terus terang ni v.6.0 beda jauh ama versi yang sebelumnya, baik dari segi tampilan, performa, dll..
Ok Check this out!

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This is the one of my favorite music, the title is “The Club Can’t Handle Me”, originally from Flo Rida but has a modification and  improvement by Cobus Potgieter (Drummer) feat. Tyler Ward (Vocal)

This is the video clip, check this out!