Hi, i want to tell about my last travel to Melbourne, Australia last September…

I want to show you some interesting places there,

check this out 😀

In the first day, we arrived at Tullamarine Airport

Very clean and futuristic, but there’s very cold because at that time was in winter…

Ok, the other place, it was like a reservoir, but i forgot the name of that place, nice place, had a nice view and some kangaroos were there.

From left to right: Jacob, Apri (me), Eamon, and Isabelle

Next day, i went to beaches in Melbourne, such as Sorrento Beach, Mornington, and Frankston Pier

Nice view, isn’t it?

Other interesting place is Healesville Sanctuary, we can see some animals there

I still have the map, haha 😀

The fourth place is Phillip Island, we can watch so many penguins there! And it was my first time I see penguins

we can only see the penguins in the night and we cannot take a photos there, but i buy a penguin photo there

Now, we go to Melbourne City

Oh, I forget, when i was in Australia , I went with my friends and my teachers, I stay with my friends there

Hmm, Maybe it’s enough for now

I’ll continued it later, lol 🙂

OK, Thanks to read my article 🙂