Robot has worked cook some pancake. Yeah, this is very interesting. At first That robot didn’t know how to make a pancake before. So he do everything that we do , and then he search the recipe itself  in the internet (wow!) because this robot could use Web for problem solving.

From the instruction from the internet, the robot is able to make his programs to make a pancake, like using image recognition to determine what kind of bottles of pancake batter looked when the robot is to go looking in the fridge. The robot is also able to dynamically adapt to the errors and obstacles that appeared in their environment that generally occur in the real kitchen.

James can open and close the fridge, took the pancake mix from the fridge. As we know, flipped pancake is not easy, but he did it well!. We could be surprised to see it.

So, how long should we wait until we have a few robots in our kitchen to serve us make pancakes every time we want? Well, we must wait a few more years,  considering this kind of robots are still very expensive for consumer.